Credit Card Debt Settlement


Is Credit Card Debt Causing You To Stay Awake?

Are You Concerned About Paying Your Bills?

The financial credit crisis that began in 2008 has forced millions of people to search for alternatives to handling their credit card debt because the solution of the past, refinancing your debt, is all but gone!

It has become increasing clear to the average person that if you just continue paying the monthly minimum payments it will take forever to payoff. Here are a few facts that you should know about when you just pay the monthly minimums payments.

The truth about “Just Paying the Minimum”

·         Minimum payments are designed to keep you in debt on average for at least 38 years!

·         Without ever increasing your balance you will end up repaying the creditors at least four times the current balance in interest alone, even with a low interest rate!

So What Can You Do?

Well, the good news is that you have options but… the bad news is that you don't have many! When people seek out their options for debt relief here are the most common choices made:

1.       Do nothing at all! Surprisingly this is very common typically because the mindset is, I have nothing and they can't get blood out of a rock. The problem is it just gets worse and makes it much harder to form a plan once you are being sued! Don't wait!  Find out what options might work for you.


2.        Attempt to contact the credit card company to reduce the interest and see if they are willing to lower the payment, basically work with you.  But 99% of the time they tell you there is nothing they can do.

3.       Seek out a debt consolidation loan to pay off the creditors and consolidate your debt into one payment.  Using home equity is a risky financial move to make and is out of the question for many people given the current recession and “credit crunch”. Besides most banks don’t like offering loans to people with high amounts of credit card debt.


4.       Consumer Credit Counseling Company (CCCS) sounds like a good choice, one monthly payment and the creditors are happy! But what about you? Finding out your monthly payment will be the same or even higher than what you are paying now for the next 5 years or more is just NOT an option. Their happy, the creditors, but not you!


5.       So many people at this point have throw in the towel. This means to contact a bankruptcy attorney which can be a fresh start for some but it should be the last resort!

Did you know that this creates a lifelong public record of bankruptcy that anyone can see and can remain your credit report for up to 10 years?  In 2005 Congress passed a new law making it extremely difficult to claim Chapter 7, (complete discharge).  Instead  many are forced into Chapter 13 a payback plan that is run by the court and the court will set how much you pay, not you! There is an alternative to bankruptcy, read on.

Can you relate to the above mentioned scenario? Are you confused as to how to resolve your problem?

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Here is the Solution

It’s 2012 and with unemployment rising and new credit becoming impossible to obtain for millions of Americans the dream of financial freedom has all but disappeared! Struggling just to maintain paying their living expenses has become the number one priority. Paying minimum credit card payments and saving for the future as well as paying monthly living expenses have become more difficult. For many it has become impossible to manage.

 What people are in need of is a quick way to get out of debt and at the same time manage so they can still keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, not just become a profit line for the credit card companies!

The quickest solution is to negotiate the balances down, so you can stay within your current budget and still come to an acceptable agreement with the creditor.  This is not an easy task and one should be very careful if you attempt this on your own. What you say with one creditor can get you sued with another!

Just like using a Real Estate Professional to sell your home, if you are not already a negotiator using a professional negotiator is a wise choice.  First a professional knows who to contact to get the best deal. That just doesn’t mean just the lowest amount but there are terms and other agreements that can also be included to enhance the deal. Plus you have peace of mind that once you have agreed to the settlement it is put to rest and will never reappear as it has for people that have tried this on their own.

 Recently there have been a number of governmental changes in the way of regulations that the Debt Settlement and Debt Relief Industry must follow to legally operate.  Two notable changes have been the “Advance Fee Ban” and “Full Disclosure”. 

The advance fee ban has helped consumers tremendously and has cleaned up the industry equally so.  And full disclosure is a policy that companies must abide by; meaning they need to go over and review all of the available debt relief options and help you to choose the one that suits your particular situation the best. 

For many people the best solution is debt settlement. The opportunity to save a substantial amount of money based on current balances owed and reduce the timeframe to 20% of the time it takes with paying minimum payments is worth any negatives associated with negotiations.  Remember this is truly for someone in a hardship not just someone looking for a easy way out.

The big decision for people comes down to finding the right company with the experience and knowledge to properly get them out of debt and back on the road to financial freedom. 

 Benefits of Using a Debt Settlement Professional:

·         Substantial reduction of the balance owed; not the interest rate, reducing the balance is where people get big savings.

·         The chance to become debt free in a short time frame and to get a fresh start financially.

·         A personal negotiator assigned to you to ensure you get the best possible settlements.

·         No fees until your negotiator has successfully reached a settlement that you feel comfortable with.

·         Working with a company that has an "A" BBB rating.

·         The chance to start over again and finally sleep easier at night knowing your debt problems are soon to be a thing of the past.

If you are currently struggling to pay your bills and really see no end to this nightmare than we encourage you to contact us and let us see if we can help you through this nightmare.  We know how you feel and have helped thousands of people such as yourself to get back on track and escape the hell that becomes the “Credit Treadmill”.