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"The Benefits Of Debt Settlement"

   This purpose of this writing is to enlighten people as to what the benefits are of using a debt settlement program as their means to escape a bad debt problem. Many people do not fully understand how they can personally and financially benefit from the process.

   Basically there are two main benefits to debt settlement, one is the savings of money and two is the savings of time.

   A debt settlement program can on average save you somewhere between 40-50% of what your current debt owed is right now. So for an easy example if you the owed around $10,000 the most you would payback would be between $5,000-$6,000.

   The other major benefit is saving time and with a debt settlement program you can realistically look to become debt free within two years or less.

   Now let’s take those two benefits of saving money and time and compare them to what your debt situation would look like if you just stayed put on the “credit treadmill” paying monthly minimums.

   On average if you only pay the minimum which in most cases is 2% of the balance, plus interest, you will be paying on the debt for over 30 years. And once it is all said and done at lower interest you will have paid over four times the original balance in interest alone.

   You must also take into consideration the figures above are with a moderate interest rate, not the default rate which can range between 25-33%.   

   So often people will find that all within the span of a month or two the interest rate on all of their cards is at the default. Needless to say this puts people in a world of hurt financially, and this is happening to millions of Americans on a monthly basis.

   This is where the true benefit of debt settlement comes into play. Imagine all the money each month that you pay out of your creditors staying in your wallet? Just imagine what having all that money would do to your quality of life? Some people pay out hundreds to thousands on a monthly basis to these creditors with no end in sight.

   What would you do with all that extra cash each month? Take more vacations, save money for children’s college fund, finally buy that new car or move to a nicer neighborhood, or just simply have more cash on hand!

   It is truly a shame that millions of people are stuck in this rut with credit card debt and consequently throwing away tens of thousands of dollars that would other wise be used to better the quality of their lives. With debt settlement you can quickly break free of this vicious cycle of minimum payments and high interest. There really is no other method of debt relief that will not only save the debtor this kind of money but also assist them in becoming debt free within such a short period of time.

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