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What is a Summons?

  A Summons is a legal document issued by the court when a lawsuit is filed. The person or company filing is known as the plaintiff and the person or company being served is the defendant. The plaintiff is claiming legal rights against the defendant and is asking the court to hear it's case.

  Once served the defendant is requested to appear in court in person or a representive (attorney) at a specfic time. Or the summons can request to respond in writing (answer) the complaint by a certain date. Failure to response in either situation can result in a default judgment being issued by the court in favor of the plaintiff.

What is a Complaint?

  When a filing is made with the court the intial document is known as the Complaint. A public file is then established and can be viewed by anyone requesting the information. As the case proceeds any additional documents such as various motions will need to be filed and kept with the orginal complaint.


Lawsuit Summons Flowchart

Option # 1 Explained

Option # 2 Explained

Option # 3 Explained



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