Credit Card Debt Settlement



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Maxed Out- ABC Nightline Vickie Mayberry's 9 minute report about the documentary "Maxed Out" is worth watching. Her interview with the director James Scurlock and Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren gives you a great inside perspective before watching the full video. 

Director James Scurlock ventures into the world of the debt collectors and credit card companies. This documentary digs deep into the minds of a debt collector and the smoke and mirrors used by the large Banks to get people to apply for credit cards.

After watching this 90 minute video you will have a different view on what you think about the Banks and collections companies.

Boston Legal- A very entertaining episode of Boston Legal, "The Woman in his Life: Melissa Hughes," is only 18 minutes long. The character "Hands" is someone that you should pay close attention too, he speaks the truth about the games the credit card companies will use to get you to apply.

We plan on added more interesting and educational videos. If you know of a video that would be useful please contact us.

2. Tax Information:

IRS Codes- This page is designed to help you understand the IRS position on paying income tax on forgiven debt. Any advice about your personal tax situation should be consulted with a professional tax advisor or CPA.


3. What Are My Rights

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act was established by Congress 30 years ago to protect the public from abusive debt collectors. The FDCPA prohibits deceptive, unfair, and abusive practices by third-party debt collectors.

This page answers many of the common questions asked about what can be done about abusive collections companies. Before speaking with any collector it is best that you understand your rights, debt collectors treat people differently when they know that you are educated to what they can and can not say.

4. Credit Score Information

Your credit rating is an important aspect of every day life living in America and should be considered first before engaging in any plan to improve your financial situation.

Naturally when dealing with unsecured debts like credit cards paying them off in full each month is the best way to maintian a high credit FICO score.