Credit Card Debt Settlement



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BBB Complaints - Who would you guess is number 1 in the Nation with the most amount of consumer complaints? Well Julie Williams the Acting Comptroller of the OCC, which is the government agency responsible for over seeing the Banking and Credit Card industry says quote "I would of thought it was like Cable or Satellite installation... When she was told it was the Credit Card industry she said " I would not of thought of it that was the case!" How could she not of known! Watch this interview video from PBS,

Maxed Out- ABC Nightline Vickie Mayberry's 9 minute report about the documentary "Maxed Out" is worth watching. Her interview with the director James Scurlock and Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren gives you a great inside perspective before watching the full video. 

Director James Scurlock ventures into the world of the debt collectors and credit card companies. This documentary digs deep into the minds of a debt collector and the smoke and mirrors used by the large Banks to get people to apply for credit cards.

After watching this 90 minute video you will have a different view on what you think about the Banks and collections companies.